Angry Against Forbiddance

Actionday one year after the raids and ban of

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After the Hamburg Riots against G20-summit, the german state went for a new campaign against „the autonomous“. During the start of their repression-campaign in the summer of 2017, the ministry of interior put a ban on the leftwing radical media-platform and ordered their subjects to search the social center KTS and several apartments in Freiburg on august 25th. The webside is down since that day. Many lawsuits are currently on their ways against the ban – the state on it‘s side tries to determine a so called „criminal organization“ in our region. linksunten was banned as a club on the base of german administrative law on associations.

The ban of Indymedia linksunten is a new and quite worrisome step towards less liberty and towards more control. All over Europe – France being the last current example – netsearch, police and censorship-laws are being passed or reinforced.

Indymedia linksunten, as a past tool of revolutionary social movements didn‘t dissapear without reactions and it‘s ideas will certainly survive. Several repressive hits following the summit quickly showed how important platforms of that quality are and how much the state doesn‘t want to let go any opportunity of vengeance. After the ban, victims of the public searches as well as the ones of the more than 80 raids in germany and abroad were less able to refer on each other. The case shows that german speaking parts of Europe are not excluded from tightening laws in social networks and that the air is becomming thinner for autonomous media-politics.

The increase of repression against the left harmonizes well with rightwing and populist demands and should protect the capital from all of that "terror". With prohibitions, manhunt and international prosecutions, repression got to another level of quality after the Hamburg-Summit. Following the Hamburg-Riots of last summer, which were self-inflicted by the federal and local administration, emancipatory movements keep being conventionalized as „the Black Violence“ to legitimate the growth of police capacities.

On the aniversary of the Freiburg-raids, we want to show that we will never shut up and that our solidarity ist stronger than their repression.

We call friends and comrades all over, to show solidarity against censorship and new liberticidial laws. Show with big, small, loud and silent actions that we won‘t take no more of it and find clear answers to their police-actions.

Solidarity instead of prohibitions! Take the Streets on August 25th! DIY Against The State!

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