United We Stand – Our solidarity against their repression

Saturday, 12.12.20, Freiburg, 13:13h, Bertoldsbrunnen

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This year was again marked by a progressive expansion of state powers of surveillance and repression. In particular, they are repeatedly directed against leftist and emancipatory movements and against groups that are already marginalized.

A demonstration will take place in Freiburg on December 12th at 1:13 p.m. to jointly make visible the repressions of the past months and to take our dissatisfaction with the violent developments, which increasingly rely on surveillance and control instead of self-responsibility and solidarity, to the streets.

Tightening of police laws, repression against G20 and environmental activists or against the Kurdish movement, eviction of projects like the queer-feminist house project Liebigstraße 34 in Berlin, exaggeratedly high penalties against squatters, massive expansion of video surveillance in the city center, raids and searches of left-wing spaces and shared flats, arrests of anti-fascists and „anti terror“ trials on the base of paragaph §129 on us, attempts to make contact by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, racial profiling by the police ... The reasons for which we will demonstrate on 12.12. are countless and diverse.

All groups who feel addressed are invited to call for a demonstration with their own focus. With regard to infection control we will of course mask ourselves and keep our distance from each other. Let us set an example together and make it clear that although their repression makes us angry, we will not be intimidated and they cannot take away our courage to stand up for a better world.

Demo federation 12.12.2020

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